"God's meeting place with man is in the heart, and in a still small voice He speaks;and he who hears is still.

And when man honors man, he honors God, and what man does for man, he does for God.

And you must bear in mind that when man harms in thought or word or deed another man, he does a wrong to God.

If you would serve the God who speaks within the heart, just serve your near of kin,and those that are no kin, the stranger at your gates, the foe who seeks to do you harm;

Assist the poor, and help the weak; do harm to none, and covet not what is not yours; Then, with your tongue the Holy One will speak; and he will smile behind your tears, will light your countenance with joy, and fill your hearts with peace."

--Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ

"Those whose minds are ripened by the four initiations,
Who possess confidence and enthusiasm in practice
And whose minds are prepared by the preliminary practices
Of meditation upon impermanence and death,
Detachment and the shortcomings of cyclic existence,
They gain buddhahood in as short a time
As six months, a year, or at least in this lifetime
By means of this supreme tantric path."

--A Passage from the Vajra Verses of Tibet popularized by

the Second Dalai Lama

"A true spiritual and mystical school does not only propagate authentic, spiritual teachings, but must also become a blazing banner of Culture.

The great Master Morya El Kai Ma procliamed that a true Bodisattva is not only an illumined adept but must be a master of at least three disciplines of the Cultural Arts.

Thus, in our Order, in our service to humanity, we do not only teach the awakening of psychic and spiritual centers, and the path to enlightenment, but also the upliftment of the human spirit through culture.

Within our ashramas and lodges, the disciplines of the Art such as Tai Chi and Liuhebafa and other martial arts, nature trekking and mountain climbing, together with classical guitar lessons and other musical instruments, oratorical disciplines and public speaking, poetry and creative writing and the art of dance, painting, photography and gardening are being taught.

Thus, we proclaim CULT-URE, the Cult of Light!"

Hierophant, Vajrayana Order





















Om Namaste!

If you are a seeker of the higher things in life, you are cordially invited to join our noble Order.

The Vajrayana Order is a mystical school that deals with the study of the Eastern esoteric arts. Vajrayana or dorje in Tibetan, comes from ‘vajra’ a Sanskrit word which can mean ‘diamond’ ‘indestructible’ or ‘eternal’ and from ‘yana’ which means ‘vehicle.’ Thus, the Vajrayana Order is an eternal vehicle of wisdom for people sincerely seeking to uplift their lives materially, morally and spiritually.

Remarkably, the Order offers rare teachings that one could use to achieve:

-Prosperity and auspiciousness
-Optimum Health and Longevity
-Peace Profound

People from all walks of life, from professionals to students, housewives, grandparents and people with different religious backgrounds, with a longing to enjoy life’s bountiful blessings and to awaken and express to the fullest the Divine inherent in everyone, are welcome to join the Order.

A person may apply for membership in seminars and convocations of the Order, or through mail or email. An affordable fee of only fifty pesos (Php 50) per month is charged for monthly lessons and other membership privileges.

As a member or chela, one will be entitled to partake of the benefits and privileges of membership. One of these is the regular meeting called convocation. This convocation is an effective means of psychic and spiritual nourishment; powerful cosmic vibrations are being generated which result in the healing and optimum material and spiritual success of members. Equally important, one would receive lessons in the form of monograpghs that contain essential and powerful techniques leading to the fulfillment of one's desires and attunement with one's own divine essence.

Indeed, an invitation to membership in the Order is an invitation to be the "master of your fate and the captain of your soul."









































Just after doing the above technique every 8-8:07 pm, focus on your third eye and decree verbally, "Let there be lodges of the Order in every city in the Philippines." Then inhale, retain your breath for a few seconds, then as you exhale, utter the words, "If it pleases the Cosmic, it is done!"


Through radiating and decreeing, you have become the abode of peace, harmony and the light of Christ. This would lead to a prosperous country and would develop tolerance among people. It is very powerful that it develops in you and in others the flaming heart to do good.


The Hierophant and the officers of the Vajrayana Order, The Path Royale wants to thank the following for their help and support in the making of this website:

1. AIMCORS, International- Association of Initiatic, Mystical and Cultural Orders, Religions and Societies

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7. Pristine Christine Church (PCC)

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45. Societas des Philosophus Inconnu, Martinez Pasquales, Southern France

46. Iglesia Gnostica du France

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48. Center for Research on Culture of India, China and Tibet (CRC)

49. D' PHOTO -Digital Photographers and Outback Trekkers Organization

Om Shanti! Shanti! Shanti!

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