Satsang is a Sanskrit word which comes 'sat' whcih means truth and 'sanga' which means company. It denotes the company of the "highest truth," the company of a guru, or the company with an assembly of persons who listen to, talk about, and assimilate the truth.

In our Order, it also means the teachings of the Order in booklet or monograph form. As a privilege of membership, members of our Order get the opportunity to learn esoteric lessons and techniques given only to deserving disciples in ancient times, with the final goal of attaining liberation and the diamond consciousness. It comes in increasing degrees well-adjusted to bring a sure and safe way to evolution. It develops the chela in all aspects; physically, mentally, emotionally, psychically, and spiritually, in preparation for the advanced techniques suited only for the mature.


Apprentice Degree

As an Apprentice, you will get to learn of the following:

*The Simran Mediation which enables the practitioner to open his "Third Eye," prepares his body in the awakening of the force of Kundalini, and lets him commune with God.

*The Map of lights and sounds of the inner planes.

*A powerful mantra which thwarts undue psychic influences and repels untoward accidents.

*The opening of the energy gates of the body and the very essential Quickening the Vajrayani's body of light or porebreathing which awakens the consciousness within every cell and quickens one's spiritual evolution, energizes the body, and develops the power of astral projection.

*Comprehensive knowledge and illustration of the Energy points in the body that could be concentrated upon/ massaged for healing of certain ailments or diseases.

*The 'Music of the Spheres' or Shabd manifesting as psychic-spiritual sound that gives ineffable joy, interminable bliss and peace, and boundless knowledge.

*The different levels of consciousness and the planes of existence.


Artisan Degree

The Artisan Degree is divided into 3 sections namely Artisan 1, 2 and 3. As an Artisan chela, you will get to learn of the following:

*The Secret or Divine Name of God that opens the key to the Triune Mysteries.

*The Mahachohan Technique which attracts powerful cosmic vibrations by aligning the practitioner's body with the stellar constellation where the Divine energy is most focused.

*Holistic healing that combines the effective use of positive and negative breathing, the points along the spine which is the conduit of energy, and power of thought.

*The technique of attaining a "Rainbow Body" which transfigures man's physical body into a being of light.

*The secret of Dumo or cosmic fire of the spine famously known as Kundalini as taught by the famous Babaji of the Himalayas and Tibetan Vajrayogis.


Naga Degree

The Naga Degree is divided into 3 sections, namely Naga 1, 2 & 3. As a Naga chela, you will get to learn of the following:

*The Secret Name of Jesus, the Christ

*The force of Kundalini is awakened by the combined use of mantras, breathing techniques, mudras, and physical exercies.

*The technique of Mahamudra, literally "The Great Seal," which enables the full comprehension and experience of Samadhi, Self-Realization or Godhood. (More are revealed in the later degrees)

*The very advanced form of kundalini shakti is taught to loyal chelas.

*The technique of projection of Jiva or inner self outside the body to different places in the world, to space and to the inner worlds.


Naga Brahmas Degree

Bodhisattva Degree

Hierophant Degree

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