The Vajrayana Order is a nonprofit, nonsectarian, and non-political, fraternal organization devoted to the study and dissemination of esoteric and mystical teachings gathered and preserved by teh ancients throughout the ages. Among its goals are to free humanity from fear, ignorance, enslavement of supersition, narrowmindedness and to ulitmately, achieve fullness of being.

Vajrayana or dorje in Tibetan, comes from “vajra” a Sanskrit word which can either mean “diamond” or “indestructible” and from “yana” which means “vehicle.”

It also denotes the “thunderbolt”, a legendary weapon and divine attribute that was made from an adamantine, or indestructible substance and which could therefore pierce and penetrate any obstacle or obfuscation. This gives rise to two more names for Vajrayana: The Diamond Vehicle or Adamantine Vehicle.

This Eastern school, which is prevalent in Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, China, northern India and Himalayan Regions, consists of teachings of Himalayan Sages which focuses on the awakening of the chakras and energy centers of the body as means of evolution . Experiencing ultimate truth is the purpose of all the various techniques practiced in Vajrayana.

Aside from the advanced meditation practices such as Kundalini, Dzogchen, and Mahamudra, all practices are aimed at purifying the impure perception of the practitioner to allow ultimate truth to be seen and thus, attain the “Diamond Consciousness.”

The key advantage the Vajrayana Order claims to provide is an accelerated path to evolution with enlightenment as its goal. Evolution is technically defined as ‘a gradual process in which something changes into a different and usually more complex or better form, while Enlightenment is ‘an expansion of consciousness or awakening of the divine within us which is the key to end all suffering.’

In our school, this is achieved through the use of esoteric techniques & transmissions, which are practical aids to Self-development. Whereas other Eastern schools might provide ways to achieve nirvana (enlightenment) over the course of many lifetimes, Vajrayana techniques make full enlightenment possible in a much shorter time frame, perhaps in a single lifetime.

Vajrayana relies on various advanced techniques rooted in scriptures, written in India. The most important aspect of the path is to 'use the result as the Path'; which means that rather than placing full enlightenment as a goal far away in the future, one tries to identify with the enlightened body, speech and mind of an enlightened Being. That is why it is sometimes referred to as “the Pathless Path.”


















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