A Biography of Frater Jose Lagutan


His Holiness, Thakar Ji Maharaj of Himalayas

beloved Master of Frater Jose

(March 26, 1929 - March 6, 2005)


It is very hard to get the details of the biography of a man who is so private and reluctant to divulge the details of his life. But in the end, we, intimate students of him, forced him to give in and here it is. We even asked for further information from his still living mother and some of his relatives and high school classmates from Manila Science High school and some of his 'brads' in the the Scintilla Juris Fraternity in UP and ADU. Fra. JL took two (2) Engineering courses in these two different institutions. He took his masteral degree in Structural Engineering in the US.

Fra. JL was born on November 6, 1957 at Leyva Maternity Clinic, Paranaque City. His father is a military man and a true warrior of honor. His father was awarded the Medal of Valor and Purple Hearts during WWII. During the Japanese occupation, he was captured in Corregidor and walked the so-called ‘Death March’ to Capas, Tarlac. A true hero, indeed.

His father being a military man and connected with the U.S. military organization is a great traveler who had been assigned in many countries. His father is also a linguist. Whenever he comes home, his father would bring books; stories about Joan of arc, Arthurian legends and Knights of the Round Table, even the story of the Teutonic knights, grail stories, and the story of Parsifal that Fra. JL’s youthful imagination was very much fired by the mysticism in these literatures. Imagine growing up in a family of Rosicrucians and Martinists. So, in Fra. JL’s mind, mystical and esoteric doctrines were really inculcated at an early age. Also, the family of guriji has one master and teacher. The whole family was all initiates and disciples of His Holiness Paramsant Thakar Ji Maharaj of Himalayas (whose pictures we could see above).

When guriji’s father was still alive, he said this when he met Fra. JL’s master and his master, Thakar Ji whom he calls ‘Thakur’ for endearment. “I am a military man connected with the intelligence community. I have travelled the world, and for the first time in my life, I have seen a man with only one face. Humans have many faces. They have a face that they show in their own household, to their wives and kids. They have a face that they show to their colleagues, to their community and they have a face that they show to the world. Meaning, men are hypocrites. I was trained in the intelligence and guerilla work during WWII, and because of this, I can detect how many faces a man has. When I saw my guru master Thakar Ji, I know at that instant that I am facing a great holy man. That he is both the same inside his soul and outside. You know, when my guru went to the Philippines, I asked him if I could talk to him for 10 minutes, even just for 10 minutes, privately. But instead, we lasted more than an hour, almost 2 hours! My will is disciplined. But at that moment my heart opened up to him. And he gave me a gift. The greatest gift that I have received since my birth—he made me return to innocence, he made me a child again. And he opened my heart to God. What more can you ask form this man? And you know, even when I lived in America for more than 20 years, whenever my master would go to America, my wife and I would go and attend his satsangs and lectures and get his darhsan or blessings. I am very happy that Master Thakat Ji became also the guru of my children and some of my relatives.”

Fra. JL’s father died at the age of 88 last 2001 and was cremated at San Francisco, California. Fra. JL officiated the cremation. Some of his remains are now in Arlington Heroes Memorial Cemetery in the US and half of the ashes were brought to the Philippines.

His mother is a teacher by profession. On Fra. JL's father’s side, the clan is all military men and mostly politicians. His grandfather was even an undefeated councilor and mayor on one of the cities in the Visayan region. His mystical side comes form her mother’s side. Fra. JL is the grandson of the Rosicrucian adept Babai Ambrosio who never married and just practiced his mystical arts. Babai was known to have developed powerful occult and spiritual faculties and was even a powerful healer. He even predicted his time of death and on the hour of his death, this master mystic knelt and crossed his arms the Rosicrucian way and consciously exited his body. Fra. JL is the direct grandson, the father of his mother being Senyor Ponciano who is also called a Rosicrucian and a Naga adept. He is also a powerful healer, an herbalist and a thorough businessman. Senyor Ponciano’s powerful business sailboats would even reach Taiwan, and the nearby islands all over the Philippines. Aside from this, he is also a prolific linguist. He can speak Spanish, Latin, Chinese, Japanese and even Arabic. Jose really grew up in a family of Rosicrucians. His grandfathers are Rosicrucians, including his parents. On the father’s side, Fra. JL has some Chinese blood. There were even stories that his great, great grandfather studied in Shaolin temple in China who immigrated in the Philippines only to escape the Boxer Rebellion in China in the 1900’s. And his great, great grandfather is skilled in Chinese Kung-fu and a known Escrimador in Pangasinan and in some Visayan islands.

Fra. JL grew up in an atmosphere where esoteric and mysticism is the talk of the day. He was taught at a young age of 6 or 7 a technique of meditation and devotional prayers by her own mother who is also a consummate mystic. In the interview, her mother said, “My son is an enigma. Did you ask my son Jose permission to reveal his youth?” and we answered no. But at our insistence, Grandma gave in and she told us this story.

“When I was but a little girl of fourteen, Senyor Badique, a Rosicrucian Spanish mystic who is the master of my father Ponciano talked to me and held my hands. He said that I will have many sufferings in life, but I will finish my college education, that I will live in Manila and someday settle in the United States and maybe travel the world. Then suddenly, my father Ponciano arrived together with his brother Babai Ambrosio. They all told me that I will have a very great gift; that I will have a son and this is your Fra. JL. They said that this first born son of mine will be a powerful healer, and an illumined mystic. But he will be so stubborn and naughty that I must be patient in dealing with him. Imagine, I was still 14 yrs. old when they were talking to me about these things, I am even unmarried! This son of yours, they said, will be a gift to our country. He will be a traveler of both worlds. Meaning, he will travel the whole world and he will also travel the inner worlds. I went to Manila to study and forgot everything. But when I got pregnant of Jose, many unusual and fantastic things are happening in the house where I lived with my husband. Sometimes, a very cool and strong wind will blow, suddenly all windows and doors will open. Sometimes, a smell of roses and some unknown but beautiful scented flowers would enter the room where I am, whether I am reading or lying down. But the weirdest was when I went with my husband and some relatives on a pilgrimage to our Lady of Antipolo. As I am going out after the church mass, I was approached by a very old lady, whose eyes are so piercing that I couldn’t even look at her. She suddenly touched my pregnant belly and I was taken aback for I don’t know her. I was surprised! Then suddenly, she held both of my hands. I cannot escape it. She then told me, ‘Your son is a very powerful spiritual being. Protect him at all cost. Demonic forces would not want him to be born.’ And she left in my hand a prayer book which she said I should pray everyday. And she said ‘A part of the secret name of your son is in that book, give that name to him.’ I’m sorry I will not reveal it to you. Ask your guru, it is not Jose, he has another name. And the lady said that the book will disappear seven days after the birth of my son. But you know what happened? Seven days have not even passed yet and it already disappeared! But the name and its meaning remained in my consciousness.”

Grandma continues “I thought when Jose would grow up, these unusual things will stop. I must tell no more or your guru will get angry with me for revealing these things to you. It is enough but I will give you one more for the last time, you better ask him the rest. "It came true what my father and his co-mystic said. Jose was so stubborn and so naughty. He would always leave the house without permission. We could not find him and even in the night he would completely disappear in the house and all doors are locked! Any mother will be hysterical about this. And we would find him in a nearby tree just staring for hours and hours without his eyes blinking as if his consciousness is in a far, far away place. He would be in a world of his own for hours. I would even ask some maids to guard him in the night. Imagine, this is deep in the night, at almost 12 midnight! And this is happening almost many times during the week. Okay, that’s it, no more. Ask your guru what he has gone through.”

But we still pushed Grandma to tell us more though reluctantly. She said, “Do you know that your guru has a way with animals? That during his elementary years, the school where he is studying is having a problems with him? Suddenly the classroom will be filled with all kinds of birds. And even his pets, his dogs, his ducks, and his chickens, will go with him to school and sometimes would even bring many snakes in the house. I don’t even know if those are poisonous or not. At a young age, he knows how to communicate with animals; I saw it with my own personal eyes and together with some of our neighbors. One late afternoon, there was a beautiful bird in a nearby tree inside the campus of La Concordia Immaculate Concepcion. Our house is near that school for girls. I saw Jose looking at the beautiful bird then he stretched his hand to the bird and the bird came to him. He can mesmerize birds. You know when Jose was young, I was afraid of my child. Who is this boy? And he used to play tricks on his brother and cousins. You know one time, he called his brother upstairs and he told his brother that he will do some magic trick.. And Jose showed him that he can light a bulb without electricity. He even told his younger brother to put a towel in his eyes which he did. And he told his younger brother to switch off the lampshade so that there’ll be no electricity coming to the bulb. So with the towel covering his eyes, he said to his brother, count 1 to 3. And the bulb was lighted! And his younger brother almost fell down the stairs running in fear. So he called their father, and father and son went upstairs. His father scolded him. And Jose just smiled and said ‘That’s magic.’ So his father removed the plug from the socket, but you know what happened? The bulb lighted more, became more luminous! His father told me before his death that he was afraid of his own son. Imagine a military man afraid of his son! He said ‘Jose, turn it off, you’re again showing off your abilities. Didn’t your mother say that you stop that? Be a normal child.’ But my son said, ‘But I don’t know how to turn it off; I just know how to turn it on.’ And so the bulb stayed lighted for days. Okay okay , that’s enough.”

Grandma said "I have told you many things. Really, my son would get angry with this." But still we pushed on and said “Grandma, one more story about Fra. JL.” Grandma said “Okay, but this is the last." And we agreed not to push any further because grandma is already in her early 80’s when this interview was done. She has just arrived from America for a Christmas vacation.

And so grandma related, “You know my son has the habit of wanting to have his own money. Even in his elementary days, he used to sell on his own ice drops, popsicles and bibingkas. And you know, he got his first bike by selling newspapers. I didn’t like what he’s doing because he might neglect his studies but his father said ‘You know that’s training. Let the boy learn to earn his money so that he knows the value of money. Anyway, it’s a skill and he may become a good businessman someday.’ In relation to this story, when my son was grade 4, I was wondering because when our maid would wash his clothes, lots of money would be found in his pocket- coins, 10 centavo coins. There is always money in his pocket and I know his allowance. And I didn’t scold the boy yet because I want to talk to his father first. But his father being a military man is assigned to another country, I have to wait for him. Then one afternoon, after class, many classmates of my son went to our house. And my son at that time was already eating his lunch and they said somebody robbed him this morning of his money. Then I asked these children, they related that my son would oftentimes go to the field in the campus of the school where there are many grasses and he would tell them that they would dig for treasure. And every time he dug the soil a few inches from the surface, they would find money. And this has been going on for weeks already. And that morning when he dug, his classmate said that another classmate of his suddenly grabbed the money and ran away. So I confronted my son, I told him ‘What are you doing? You’re showing off again, didn’t your father tell you that you should keep these abilities of yours in secret? I know now why you have many, many coins in your pocket. You’re using again your psychic abilities, please stop this.’ And my son said, ‘You know mother, many of my classmates are poor, I just want to help them so when they go home, they would have some money for them to buy at the canteen but yes I would stop.’ And it didn’t happen anymore. Okay that’s all.” Grandma said, “I have to rest now, I’m an old woman, I have to take my nap.” By this time we gave our warmest gratitude to grandma and then we left.

Fra. JL in his youth was a voracious reader. His mother developed him a very high quality of intellect. And even some of his classmates said that he is a math and science wizard. He was one of the first students in the history of his elementary school to pass the exam of both Manila Science and Philippine Science High School. In their teens, frater P, frater C, and frater J, his classmates attested to us that Fra. JL invented the solar cooker and with them invented the electric car. I think there are records in NSDB about this. They were only 12 yrs old at that time.

But Fra. JL in his high school days was fed up with too much theories and intellectual jargons of his school that even in his first year he was already neglecting his studies with his fellow friends. He indulged himself in sports such as basketball, volleyball, softball and swimming. We have seen it with our own eyes, Fra. JL at the age of 50 plus can still do butterfly swimming!

A funny story was related to us by frater P. and frater C., his classmates at Manila Science. It happened during their first year. They were influenced by Fra. JL that it is useles to study Math and English. “We are here in Manila Science because we are already intelligent. We must indulge in sports and martial arts instead.” They said that there was this boy who is a real genius, frater R. who has now a post doctoral degree in Nuclear Physics in the western world. And this boy has very strong influence to Fra. JL and his friends. Even Fra. JL once said that this boy is really Einstein-incarnate. So they went along not studying. The passing mark of Manilas Science at that time was 85%. Fra. JL got 69%, and his highest in Filipino and English was 78, not even reaching 80 and they were all alike these boys. So in short, they are candidates for kick out. On the final grading at the end of the school year, they averaged only 83. So they are really kicked out! Fortunately for these boys, they were friendly with the principal and because of their naughtiness, they were always called by the guidance counselor which made them familiar to the latter. And their records were thus reviewed and were found out that their IQ’s were superior to the rest of the batch. And that they belonged to the top twenty of those who took the entrance exam in manila science. So the passing grade was waived to 83% so that these boys will not be kicked out. And so is now in Manila Science, 83% is the passing grade. Unfortunately, these boys never changed. They have a pact that they their goal was only to study to reach 83% and to be in the honor section. They spent the time playing sports and studying mysticism. And again, their teachers were shocked. When they graduated, these boys got more scholarships from prestigious universities than students who really worked hard for studying. When asked how they did it, they said, “We applied practical mysticism. We visualized our destinies. And destiny we get!” And these young boys are now successful. All of them travelled the world. And Fra. JL said, “This is mysticism in action!”

These young boys were really what we may call very lucky when it comes to esoteric knowledge. When they were in their first year, an Indian yogi named Avadhuta Dada Adveshananda of Ananda Marga, lectured in their school. And these young boys were caught and were enamored by this man. From him, they learned Hatha Yoga, some kriyas and kundalini yoga. But the yogi was too honest and even told Fra. JL that he is not his guru. He said, “Your guru will come and remember this,” he implanted Fra. JL an idea.”Your guru’s tradition will be that of a Sufi and Punjabi mysticism. The yogi continued, “I wear an orange robe, I am a renunciate, not a married man. Your guru is a married man, he doesn’t wear orange clothing. He wears a white clothing, normal for Punjabis and he is a very big man. So don’t be deceived. Don’t go on guru hunting. He knows you. He would come for you. Many yogis and Tibetan mystics were coming to the Philippines during Fra. JL’s high school days and these boys always goes to these swamis and yogis that they even met Sri Ananda Murti Ji, the great master Srila Prabupada of ISKcN- International Society for Krishna Consciousness and even the great theosophist, Geoffrey Hudson. But what helped guriji most was when they became Rosicrucians. From the Rose Cross, they really learned practical mysticism. They became initiates of rose cross and were intitated by some Tibetan mystics and Vajrayanis such as the late 16th Gwalpa Karmapa when he went to the Philippines in the 70’s. These young boys applied it in their life and they became successful professionals and businessmen. Then as we all know, Fra. JL became a successful civil works contractor and at the age of 22 he had already his millions and he travelled the world looking for master mystics. He got imitated in many schools in India, Nepal and Tibet. There he learned the philosophy of Advaita, tantric Buddhism or Vajrayana, Sufism, and the Secret of the five melodies from his guru or otherwise known as the Music of the Spheres.

Fra. JL even met mother Theresa. These young boys even went to the chapel of Mother Theresa and gained a lot of wisdom in her presence.

Then there was even a very fascinating and unusual story that happened to these boys that you will really say that karma is shining on them and the sunshine of spirituality is really pouring blessings on these boys. As related by frater P. and frater C., the family of guriji owns then a barbershop that is not air-conditioned but Fra. JL wants to have his haircut in a Swiss barbershop because it is more classy. You know what a young boy’s mind, that idiotic mind that wants to have his haircut in an expensive barbershop just for the aircon! And this Swiss barbershop is belowthat hotel called Swiss Inn near Manila Science and besides Paco Park. So when Fra. JL has saved enough money to have his hair cut there, something happened. There was this German guy who approached Fra. JL. And said, “It seems you are interested in yoga? And Fra. JL was surprised. And the man after the haircut was done invited him to a restaurant below the Swiss Inn. Fra. JL was first reluctant because he doesn’t know that man and he is a foreigner but the man was so insistent and Fra. JL went with him to the restaurant. You know what happened? The man talked for hours about his guru Paramhansa Yogananda, the famous author of the book, Autobiography of a Yogi and taught Fra. JL, Kriya yoga. Then the man interviewed Fra. JL while they were eating. And the man said, I will give you a gift. The man left and went upstairs in his room in the Swiss Inn, and when he came back, he presented Fra. JL the complete teachings of Kriya yoga in printed form. Then the man said, “We may never see each other again. Practice the techniques there for you to attain nirvikapla samadhi or enlightenment.

And Fra. JL unfortunately, he said was more enamored by youthful desires that he did not practice that much the techniques to his own disadvantage. “Young girls and parties all around makes it very hard to practice.--The idiocy of youth.” Then in 1989, this same circumstance happened. A postman, a Filipino student of Kriya yoga who has completed all lessons of Kriya yoga through correspondence in abroad gave again Fra. JL the complete lessons of kriya yoga. And the techniques were really the same, so the technique of the German guy was corroborated by the postman’s and also by Fra. JL’s travels in India, meeting initiates of Lahiri Mahasaya and disciples of Parahamasa Yogananda there. And so this is now our Fra. JL.

Some of his friends said that he attained Cosmic Consciousness when he was 26. We asked Fra. JL about this and he said “It is just partial. I really attained it when I was 32 yrs. old and I attained not by my efforts, my efforts is only 10%, the rest comes from the grace of my master, by my beloved guru Thakar Ji and the grace of God and all the Maters. And Fra. JL continued, “I am not a holy man you know, I am not a chosen one. I am just an ordinary guy. It is the work of the Masters and the Hierarchy. I am just a messenger. My masters and my guru commanded me to bring this light our country to alleviate the suffering of our people. Look, our people are going abroad just to earn a few dollars and our women and mothers are working abroad as housemaids and caregivers. I am a respecter of women. If our womanhood is destroyed, the family is destroyed. Fathers cannot take care well of their children. A woman or a mother’s touch is different. Mothers are embodiments of inuition and love. A family without a mother will crumble in pieces, this is why I am working hard to propagate the teachings of my masters and teachers. Again, these are not my teachings. I have no teachings. You know, I am living happily in San Franciso, California and I was travelling Europe and I was even given a house by a friend of mine in Southern France. I was enjoying my life to the fullest when my master said for me to return to the Philippines and to propagate the teachings of the Hierarchy. And I said to my guu, “Master, I thought you love me, don’t you know what will happen to me if I teach in the Philippines? Some people will call me their guru but many will call me names. Many will criticize me, who am I? Even my body is little, in short pandak, who will believe me? They will say here comes this Lilliputian, a pretender, a pseudo- guru a pseudo- teacher. Even my friends my family, will be affected by this malignments for my little body. Me, I’m okay, because as you know guruji, by your grace I have attained the consciousness of soul. I will just help invisibly. Make me an invisible helper. But my master said “Suffering, Jose is the food of the soul. Drink the cup or chalice of the poison of criticism and malicious attacks, you will grow more. If you do not follow me, I will expel you. Go back to the Philippines.” “So what can I do? I don’t want to be expelled and I don’t want to court the ire of my master. In truth I love him so much even if he sends me to hell, I will follow. So master brought me to India for preparation and there the suffering begins. He made me meditate for more than 12 hours, what a suffering he made! Eating only twice a day my God what a hell! He made me vegetarian for almost 6 years, no lechon cebu. Not even a single drop of beer!” What a horrible existence! We all know that Fra. JL really crack jokes.

Then he continues, “Even in the beginning, training is already suffering what more when I come back to the Philippines? It will be really, really torture. But you know, love for guru is the greatest gift that God gave me and eternally, I lay prostrated at the feet of my master. Let me be the dust that clings to his feet for eternity. Only my master. I exist only because of my master, even my very soul, my very being, my very existence is a gift of my master, my guru. There is nothing in me that is mine, all is my guru.”

There is one story. You know when Fra. JL was 14 years old, and this story is reliable as this comes from the lips of Fra. JL. Guruji used to practice Chinese martial arts in Luneta park near Manila Bay. He was befriended by a man, an optometrician named Dr. Kirpal Das. And he was an initiate of R.S., which teaches meditation on the third eye and hearing Shabd or Celestial Music. Dr. Kirpal said to Fra. JL that his master is coming to the Philippines and he taught Fra. JL some mediation techniques and said that “I will introduce you to your master so he could teach you the complete technique.” So his master came. He lectured in the auditorium in Philam Life. The master arrived and Jose was accorded privately to the master. There were many Indian initiates in the room. And the man wears a white turban and a white clothing and the man was Punjabi. So Fra. JL thought this was his mater already and guru said that in his youth he used to dream of the face of his master even if he hasn’t met him. Recalling this, he figured he looked like his master as revealed in his dreams, the same Punjabi built. And Fra. JL was really treated with congeniality by the initiates of his master. So when he was approaching, just 5-6 feet away from the master, he heard a voice saying, “He is not your master, he may be a good saint but I am already coming. Why can’t you wait?” So Fra. JL was taken aback and retraced his steps. He talked to Dr. Kirpal and said he is not his master. Dr Kirpal and Fra. JL was put in a shameful situation. But what can Fra. JL do? He said to kirpal “I will not come back again, he is not my guriji.” And finally Fra. JL met his master.

Fra. JL was a former consultant of Kefera Builder, Arcane Builders, Timber Construction, Arcanus Builders, just to name a few. And he has been the secret financial adviser of many businessmen in Metro Manila and even some in Cebu. Fra. JL is now retired from his consultation jobs and even his construction business is now slowing down because of the massive works of the Orders and the monkhood, both Chevalier Monks of Christ and the Bodhisattva Maitreya Wisdom Monks. Fra. JL is most of the time out of the country and lately has just arrived 3 weeks ago from Los Angeles, California, from Japan and other Asian countries conferring with some grandmasters and his initiates and the initiates of his master. Let us ease the burden of Fra. JL by spreading the Light of the teachings to your friends and relatives and fellow countrymen so that their suffering may be alleviated and they may attain higher consciousness.

When Fra. JL was asked regarding his family, he says, "Let my family be. They are not part of my work and mission. Let's give them their privacy and peace." And we respect and understand Fra. JL's stand.

He indulges in his business only from time to time. Even Fra. JL is so detached that he has no bank account for 20 years now. He said, “My life is in God and in my master’s hands.” If a man says he is illumined and he has some bank accounts, and has not given all his properties to others, he is a fraud. This is the measure of a true enlightened one. His guru or his master is his food and God alone is his water of life.

Guruiji is a composer and a song writer. He has written songs for the famous Rare Breed band and other famous bands and singers here in Metro Manila. You can hear their songs if you please in Fra. JL even composed classical music for classical guitar rendition.

As many of us know, Fra. JL is very talented. He knows many languages including Sanskrit, Punjabi, and Tibetan language. He can even speak Spanish, French and Latin. Concerning culture, he is a consummate martial artist, long form 108 young style tai-chi chuan, 56 competition form Chen taichi and the highly esoteric martial arts called Liuhebafa. One of his teachers, who was once a martial art instructor of the famous actor Jet Li, is Dr. Wang-Chan. He has been the national coach of Tai chi and martial arts in Beijing. And we know that Fra. JL is a very powerful lecturer, a poet and creative writer. Of music, what can we say? Almost all instruments he can play but his favorites are his classical guitar, flute and saxophone. In India, Fra. JL's master corrected his beat. His master said "Your rhythm is not that perfect." So his master taught him Indian tabla. When Fra. JL mastered the Indian tabla or small indian drums, his guru gave him as a trophy his own tabla or drums and Fra. JL brought it to the Philippines. It is now in the Fairview Ashram. He also climbed during his college days with the UP Mountaineers. And together with some fraters, they formed the Aquilas delas Sierras or Eagles of the Mountain. Even now, he still climbs together with some members and monks in tandem with the group of mountain climbers called the Silverbacks. Fra. JL said even one of the talents that Fra. JL wants to learn is painting but he said in a jokingly manner, "malupit yan, sa old age ko nalang. Kulang ang evolution ko diya. Nangangamote ako diyan sa painting. Kaya para maapreciate ko ang beauty, sa photography nalang and gardening." And we all know that Fra. JL is a professional photographer and a very diligent gardener of orchids and ornamental plants. He also has his little garden of vegetables. See the gallery for Fra. JL’s climb with the monks and other members. You would see in the pictures that Fra. JL is really a seasoned mountaineer.

Here is our Fra. JL, Frater JL that because of his love for his country and our people, travelled to desolate land and foreign countries and became a beggar of the sacred teachings. He knocked incessantly at the portals of these different spiritual cultures. That when even in the snowing Himalayan regions in his early youth, he almost died of starvation and hypothermia just to bring the ancient wisdom of the ages scattered all over the world to the Philippines. Here is a man who has really that flaming heart of compassion for us members and the Filipino people.

If you want to understand our Fra. JL more, make sure that you have a copy of his book Darshan. And you will have that spiritual intimacy with his consciousness.

And here is where the story ends, we know already about Fra. JL, just see the pictures.