"So that living beings might attain great liberation, or full enlightenment, revealed are two paths: the common path and the uncommon path. Here, 'path' refers to an internal path or spiritual realization that leads us to liberation from suffering, or permanent inner peace. The uncommon path is the Vajrayana path. The Vajrayana path is like a vehicle that takes us directly to our final destination, and the common paths are like the road on which that vehicle travels."

- K. Gyatso, accomplished meditation master & renowned teacher of Buddhism.

If you desire to extract the greatest essence from this precious human life by attaining full enlightenment, then you are invited to join the Vajrayana Order.


Qualifications of Membership

Anyone may become a Vajrayana member, provided that he possesses the following qualifications:

1. An open mind

2. Willingness to learn

3. Desire to improve oneself and one's life

4. At least 15 yrs. of age.


Membership Application

Qualified candidates may apply for membership by attending any ashrama convocation, intensive meditation, or free seminar. Schedules of which can be found in the Ashramas tab or Activities and Events tab. They may also contact us through the email addresses and contact numbers that can be found in this website.

Walk-in applicants are requested to come 30 minutes ahead of schedule for orientation and accomplishment of membership.


Monthly Membership Fees

The monthly membership fee is fifty pesos only (Php 50) inclusive of four (4) lessons in monograph form wherein esoteric meditation techniques for higher consciousness are given.


Lessons through Mail

If it would not be possible for a member to attend any convocation thereby hindering him/her of receiving his/her lessons personally, he/she may opt to receive it through mail. Simply supply your name, address and the last lesson you have received to this number: (0905) 229-7785. An minimal postal fee will be added to your dues.



The lessons in monograph form may be studied in the comfort and privacy of one's own homes at one's preferred pace and schedule. Being a benefit of membership in the Order, the lessons must be read by the member alone. They are absolutely not to be shared with or shown to other people. This is the vow of secrecy to which the member agrees and commits to upon entry into the Order. It is a vow incumbent upon all members of authentic mystical schools.



Coupled with receiving lessons, another privilege that members may avail is attending convocations. The Vajrayana Convocation is a unique type of group meditation patterned after age-old rituals. In the convocation, one gets to practice certain meditative exercises which include the chanting of powerful God-names or mantras that are revealed only to members of the Order.

While convocation attendance is not compulsary, it is highly recommended so that one may bathe in powerful, spiritual vibration and benefit from its rejuvenating effects. The convocation is also a venue to meet other members who are kindred spirits, and to ask the help of the officers and senior members for clarification, if needed pertaining to lessons or to update oneself regarding the latest activities within the Order

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